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Archana Udeshi 

Elysian Creatifs Founder 

Hi everyone ! I am Archana Udeshi the founder of Elysian Creatifs. Through Elysian Creatifs, I aspire to design personalized, unique, and intricate gifts. With a passionate hand and vivid ideas, my products connect to people’s hearts. In recent years with the rareness of hand-made products, I hope to continue the trend of uniqueness in gifts. I am a self-taught Dubai-based artist, with a versatile hand in decoupage and mixed media. I have 25 years of experience in this field and I have previously worked with Camlin as a tutor. My business is pure passion-driven business and I pour that same passion in my products. My products help put a smile on people’s faces through their reasonable pricing, uniqueness, and customization. With a wide inventory, my best-sellers are my personalized candles and memory boxes. 


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