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    Upcycling of  Wooden Chopping Board 

    Hi everyone ! While being stuck in quarantine at home I have been upcycling almost everything and anything. So today I am going to be showing you how to upcycle a wooden chopping board and make DIY home decor. 

    Here are a few of the materials you will need: 

       1. Old wooden chopping board 
       2. Sandpaper 
       3. White and yellow paint (or any other acrylic color of your choice)
       4. Acrylic color flat brush 
       5. Black color sharpie 
       6. Print out of your favorite wording or design 
       7. Modpodge or PVA glue 
       8. Plate/ cups to hold the color 
       9. Double-sided masking tape 
       10. 3 pegs

    I know this is a lot of materials but in the end, it will be worth it. The method is very simple and easy to follow: 

    Step 1: Sand wooden chopping board with sandpaper (grit 80-150). Sand it until it is smooth.

    Step 2: Give it a base coat of white color using a flat brush. Let it dry. 

    Step 3: Line up the PVA tape/ Masking tape in stripes either horizontally or vertically ( your choice). While lining up the tape starts from the center of the chopping board and then move to either side. 

    Step 4: Once the tape is placed take the yellow color (or any other acrylic color of choice) and paint the area that is not covered by the tape. 

    (Tip: To make the paint dry faster use a hairdryer) 

    Step 5: Once the color is dried remove the tape. Now your background is ready. 

    Step 6: Print out with the wordings/ design of your choice. To use this as stencil you will first need to trace over the design or wordings. 

    Step 7: Turn the paper over and shade the letters/design in from the back using a pencil. 

    Step 8: Now your DIY stencil is ready. Turn the paper over to the front side and place it on the center of the chopping board (with the front side facing the ceiling). 

    (Tip: To avoid the letters or design from smudging tape the paper to the chopping board)

    Step 9: Trace over the letters/ design on the board. Now you can remove the paper. 

    Step 10: At this point, you should be able to see the letters/design faintly with pencil marks on the chopping board. 

    Step 11: Using a sharpie now trace over the design. You can fill it in with paint if you like. 

    Step 12: Make 3 small holes at the bottom of the chopping board. For the final touch now add the 3 pegs in ( screw them in). 

    Now your DIY keyholder/ home decor piece is ready!

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