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    Up-cycling a Old Side Table 

    June 2nd, 2020

    Hello everyone ! I hope everybody is well and safe.

    This week I tried to re-vamp an Ikea Side Table which was nearly 10 years old. I think it turned out to be quite a successful attempt. Least to say I was very happy re-vamping this table, creating a new use for it and displaying my work in my living room. The method to re-vamp it is as follows:

    Step 1: Firstly, I sanded the table using sand- paper with a small grit. I always sand any furniture that I am going to upcycle because it allows for better color absorption and gives it a smooth finishing. 

    Step 2: Then I added a coat of white primer as a base coat. 

    Step 3: To give it color I used Annie sloan chalk paint (Duck egg blue) This color was perfect for me as it went perfectly with my furniture and home decor. I applied two coats to avoid it from fading away in the future. 

    Step 4 : After the base color dried, I dabbed it using a sponge with very limited amounts of colour (similar to the dry brush technique).  On the top of side table I used flower stencils to give it a floral design. For stenciling I used contrasting shades of blue, the first one being Ivory Acrylic Colour and the second shade being Persian Blue Acrylic Color. The colors I used were from Decoart Americana Acrylic.

    Step 5: After the paint dried, I gave the stool two coats of modpodge for a glossy effect.

    Step 6: Once the modpodge wasn't sticky anymore I used leaf stencils to complete the look of the table. Instead of using paint with the leaf stencils I used a metallic wax paste and applied it usign a sponge. 

    Steap 7: Then I repeated these steps on the other sides of the table. 

    Step 8: While I was waiting for the outer side of the table to dry, I painted the inside of the table using the same Duck Egg Blue color. 

    Step 9: To enchance it look and make it look a little bit more fancy, I used gold leaf on certain areas of the flowers and stuck it with modpodge. I let this dry overnight so that everything settles in well. 

    Step 10: Once it was dried, I gave it 2 coats of. modpodge. (Tip: If modpodge isn't avaliable you can use fevicol)

    Step 11: Lastly, I varnished it. 


    Picture of before and after are shown below. This method can be applie to essentially any furniture item to give it a classy and glossy finishing look and mkaing it look likie it was store bought and brand new. 

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