10 easy steps to DIY home decor


    Any glass/ plastic jars can be upcycled to make beautiful home decor pieces. Today I'm going to give you a brief method on how to make DIY home decor pieces. 

    You will need: 

         1. Empty glass/ plastic jars 

         2. Acrylic black and white colors 

         3. Flat paintbrush 

         4. Stencil of wordings on the design of your choice 

         5. Modpodge/ PVA glue 

         6. Lace/ brown string/ rope 

    To create this piece of home decor you will need to follow the following steps: 


    Step 1: Clean a jar (can be sauce bottle or jam jar etc.) well from the inside and the outside. Wash it with warm soapy water to remove the labels on the jar easily. Let it dry.

    Step 2: Using a brush apply a basic coat of acrylic white paint. 

    Step 3: Color the jar based on any color based on your choice. 

    Step 4: Modpodge it or use PVA glue for sealing the color. 

    Step 5: Let the first coat dry. (Tip: To make it dry faster use a hairdryer)

    Step 6: Apply the second coat of mod podge/ PVA glue. 

    Step 7: Place your stencil on the jar. Using white color and the flat paintbrush jar. 


    (Tip: Do not take too much color on the brush or sponge. Keep it minimum so the wording is not smudged. )


    Step 8: Let it dry. Apply another coat of varnish/mod podge/ PVA glue to seal it. 

    Step 9: While you wait for it to dry color the lid. Give it 2 coats of white inside out. Then pick a contrasting color to the jar and paint the lid. Lastly, seal it with two coats of mod podge. 

    Step 10: Use lace or any strings to give it a rustic look by tying the lace or string around the neck of the jar. 



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